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Welcome to Free Puzzles, this is a great way of testing your brain and trying out some of the most brain teasing, mind boggling Free Puzzles available on the net today. This is a new site with content being uploaded all of the time but already we have players testing themselves with a huge variety of free puzzles and mazes that will put you in a spin for hours and will challenge even the most devout puzzle enthusiasts right from the word go.

At the moment Free Puzzles has over one hundred and twenty puzzles online for you and with that number increasing every day there is bound to be something for everyone. With a great selection of jigsaws including the Scooby Doo Pimp Jigsaw and also the Jigsaw based on the hugely popular Hannah Montana TV series then there is something for a range of all different age groups and this will challenge all puzzle players and people just looking to spend away an hour or two on their lunch break. With its snazzy layout and easy to use game finding tool you can be sure to find all of your favourite Free Puzzle Games and with the chance to place your name on the top of our high score list you could become a puzzling legend in your own right.

Just register for free and fill in a few simple details and then you can save all your high scores from all of the games that you play when you log in and try to become the best in the world. will also give you the set menu of the most popular free puzzle games that everyone else is playing so this is a great way to try and topple someone else's score to reach the top of the mountain and crown yourself king. We also provide you with a list of our most recent additions to the website and with their links there for you in a handy menu you can just jump straight to playing them without the need for all the endless searching and begin trying to solve the most up to date free puzzles. With its friendly and attractive appearance and with all the menus and layout being extremely user friendly this is just about one of the simplest yet most effective site to play Free Puzzles on the internet.

One of the favorites which also adds a bit of nostalgia is the great and simple Snake make which gives you simple game play through increasingly tough levels but if you manage to conquer them all then the level editor will provide you with hours of fun as you design your own dream maze for the hero snake to bid for freedom from. One of the most addictive game available is the simple yet very challenging Happy Ballz which combines a sense of physics and gravity to produce a very good little teaser. All you have to do is shoot the Happy Ballz at the Sad Ballz sounds easy doesn't it why not give it a try. A new addition to the website is a game called Totomi which is an addictive and challenging puzzle based game. It a fun Totem pole building puzzle that will test even the brainy people out there. If you consider yourself the next egg head then Free Puzzles has got you covered as well with the game Prove IT which is a multiple choice general knowledge game that will test your know how to the very limits. You have two minutes to answer twenty general knowledge questions and each question has a time limit. Your score is calculated by the speed you answer the questions so do you have what it takes, think you are smart? Prove It.

Some other great games include the Land puzzle which is a land based puzzle on one of the most popular holidays on the calendar Halloween as well as a simplified version of the classic game solitaire called Brave Kid Solitaire with numbers running from 1 to 10 and just two colours it will help all the budding young minds grasp a sense of simple maths. One of the more popular free puzzle games that are on the website is Skulls in which you help a zombie through a bone and try and destroy the set number of skulls for each level. This is a fun and generally simple game that gets a lot harder as you progress through the total of twenty levels on offer. One of the oldest games has been brought to life in a new style to give you the Memory test. Free Puzzles has designed a test to see just how good the old grey cells are working and what you are like arranging things after you have only seen them for a short space of time so you must get your thinking caps on for this one. We also recommend that you take a look at our partner website for a great collection of online physics games.

For the more advanced gamer do not be afraid our Puzzle Games have you covered to in the form of Txtpzl1 which is a letter game where you have to find the password on each level to advance to the next via a set of clues that are giving to you. Whether that involves unscrambling letters or looking for the next letter in sequence Free Puzzles is sure to have you scratching your head for some time to come. There is also an new twist on an old classic and that is Water snake Rampage which puts you in control of a hungry water snake and all there is to eat are ducks but be careful after each mouthful the snake gets larger and you do not want to eat yourself. As you can see Free Puzzles has it all and whether you are young or old there is bound to be something available to sink your teeth into so what are you waiting for? Sign up now and become the high scoring legend of the brand new Free Puzzles Website.

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